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HireBeat - The Tool That Lets Recruiters & Hiring Managers Connect With Potential Candidates

Find the right talent with HireBeat. Upload your job description and get a list of potential candidates within minutes.

Upload your job descriptions

You can upload any job descriptions you have for employers to see.

Select the candidates you want to reach out to

You can choose to target specific candidates or receive a list of potential candidates who match your job descriptions.

Reach out to the candidates

Once you have selected the candidates, you can send them a message and start interviews!

About HireBeat

HireBeat: The ultimate tool for finding the perfect candidate

Imagine if you could upload your job description and receive a list of potential candidates to reach out to. Now imagine that this process was really fast, efficient, and incredibly accurate. HireBeat is the product that allows this to happen through our algorithm, which analyzes over 500 data points in less than 2 seconds to give you a list of potential hires.

HireBeat Lets You Find The Right Candidate Fast

  • Easy to use

    HireBeat is easy to use and lets you upload your job descriptions in seconds.

  • Job descriptions in seconds

    HireBeat lets you easily upload your job descriptions and receive a list of potential candidates in seconds.

  • Easy to use

    HireBeat is easy to use, letting you post your job descriptions quickly and easily.

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Find the perfect candidate with Hirebeat.


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What people are saying about us

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John Robertson

Director of Sales at Workflow

"I love HireBeat. I have a job interview coming up, and this is the perfect way to find people that are qualified for the job in my area."

Mike Samson

CEO at Blocknet

"At first, I was skeptical about this because of how many sites there are for finding potential candidates. However, HireBeat is nice because it's an actual website where you get the job description and people who want to apply to that position. It's not a dating site, so it's just one step away from the work."

Jack Bennington

CTO at TNT Solutions

"I found HireBeat online. They had a job listing for an administrative assistant position and I created a profile to apply and uploaded my resume. The next day, I got an email from someone who was interested in talking to me about the position and it lead to one of the best opportunities I've ever had. This website is great because it lets you sort through many candidates."

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Find and hire the best talent for your job with HireBeat. Build a list of potential candidates, upload job descriptions, and receive a list of qualified candidates.