Grow Your Talent Pool and Turn Talent Sourcing on Autopilot

HireBeat does what your ATS and job boards can’t. Get your ideal candidate profile with a single ‘source of truth’ so you can grow like a startup and hire like an enterprise.

" HireBeat is very easy to use, workflows are very helpful and being able to share jobs and candidates across our organization is a tremendous time saver. Having all hiring managers and recruiters on one platform has allowed us to streamline the hiring process, saving us at least 100+ hours of follow-up time.."
Jason C.

Build your talent pool with SPEED

Leverage our talent prospecting software to request a reliable talent list. Easily build your recruiting pipeline with powerful filters and increase recruiting productivity by 45%.


Get your ideal candidates with QUALITY

Instantly receive a list of ideal candidate profiles that match your job post in half the time. Transforming your talent pipeline into the best source of candidates and hires – not a source of guessing.


Understand your recruiting data with CONFIDENCE

Get meaningful insights into your job description language with our talent intelligence analytics. View your data and build the reports you need fast.

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